Kai Tak Facilities

The Aero Bar


Acozy place to hang out. Draught beer is on tap, shorts in the bottles, and an assortment of bar snacks, from a Full Monty breakfast to a bowl of noodles. The bar will normally close at 12 mid-night, however if requested the bar can be kept open all night. Members should contact the F&B Manager for further details. Don’t leave your mobile on or you may be buying a round of drinks for all.

The Kai Tak Bistro

The Kai Tak Bistro, is the main restaurant in the Club serving a variety of menus and wines. The restaurant looks out on to the old LATRA where the club planes were once kept. It is an ideal location for dining and banquets.

The Garden

The Garden, a quiet and open area where members can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and moonshine. F & B, BBQ can be served to those who want to be sat away from indoor.

The Car Park

Situated at the N.W. corner of the old Kai Tak airport, 31 Sung Wong Toi Road. The car park’s entrance is opposite to Sky Tower with 20 parking spaces. Members’ annual parking is available at HK$300 per car per year. A very convenient place to park and dine.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and let us know.